Salesrep GPT - the new era of sales efficiency

Your most helpful, insightful, intelligent salesrep the future of B2B sales.

Comprehensive replies to customer inquiries 24x7, all days, round the year.

Always concise, always truthful, always business minded.

Revolutionizing B2B/B2C Sales with Modern AI

Salesrep AI expertly manages client inquiries, understands their needs, finds matching products in the catalog, and creates customized offers - thus streamlining the sales process for your representatives in unbelievable smooth manner.


Boost account managers

The intelligent assistant you have always asked for - it just puts a ready-to-send email reply in your drafts folder.

Let the AI handle any trivial work while your people focus on the real stuff.


Amaze your clients

Your RFQs shine with fresh energy, mentions all the right keypoints, includes relevant options and has the right math.

Never tired, no human error, no detail overlooked.


Be the first to respond

Handle any amount of simultaneous loads in no time: your customers will get immediate response from your company only.

Close a deal while your competitors are still manually processing their inbox. No day offs, no vacations, never tired, nothing forgotten.

How does it work?

Connecting world's most advanced Artificial Intelligence to your product catalog and your email inbox.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does it know our product catalog?

SalesrepGPT needs a connection to your real-time product catalog, among other sources of information - such as your shipping provider, stock balance etc.
It will automatically fetch necessary information upon user request.

Can it make discount decisions?

Volume discount table as well as other sales promotions are set by your business leadership, and Salesrep GPT strictly follows the rules.
However your (human) account executives can intervene anytime and change the quotes.

Is it good at keeping secrets?

Salesrep GPT treats your confidential data with utmost respect and never gives it away. Your actual selfcost is never revealed, only the sales price.

How is it better than ChatGPT?

Chat GPT and other LLM tools can actually help your salespeople in writing polite email texts.
However they are generic tools that are unaware about your business routines, suppliers, pricing etc. Moreover, all standard AI tools can experience halucinations (provide very wrong answer) - whereas Salesrep GPT is very carefully architected to be robust against such aspects.

Is it smart?

Salesrep GPT understands email content in various languages, accounts for spelling and grammar mistakes, and understands the actual client intent.
It compares the client demand with the product catalog, accounts for availability etc and drafts a ready-to-send response email leaving it in your drafts folder.

Will it replace people?

Real humands are needed for taing responsibility and making decision. Salesrep GPT greatly boosts your sales team.

Can I start using it right away?

Most large B2B businesses have their own unique specifics. Our team will carefuly analyze your processes in dialog with you and then draft a clear path forward to AI-powered sales.

What is the cost for one license?

Salesrep GPT is a SaaS service, invoiced on a monthly basis. The one-off onboarding process is charged additionally.
Contact our customer support for a quote.


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